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Cancellation Policy


In an effort to be fair with our clients our policy is such that you may cancel without penalty until 48 hours prior to 9:00 AM (check in time) the day of your trip. Please keep in mind that once you make your reservation our booking platform will update instantly which means we cannot book those spots. If you cancel within 48 hours of your trip or if you don’t show up on time YOU WILL BE CHARGED IN FULL AMOUNT of your reservation. We also want to remind our guest that within 48 hours of your check in time TICKETS ARE NON REFUNDABLE AND NOT REUSABLE unless and only if we have availability to reschedule on a future date. Please understand that if you wish to reschedule you must do so within 48 hours prior to the check in time of your original trip and is only based on availability. There is no added fee or charge for rescheduling.